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I have been thinking about unfolding quite a lot recently and I came out with the idea that the ability to unfold increases with performing retrograde exercise over and over again. Retrograding is essentially like repeating an action backward¬†over and over again. More will follow on this idea that has huge repercussion in the way I do my work and envision my life. I truly believe the retrograde exercise is not done for understanding better ”mechanisms” or for the sake of making them BUT for improving patterns and/or for finding sources of those patterns. At the end people care about patterns — and here I emphasize the word PATTERNS — that means outstandingly beautiful and repeating expressions of intentions and/or self organization. People remember patterns and not mechanisms, the latter both because those may be know but also because they are not the results in front of our eyes that help in decision making or any sort of introspective well-being.

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