Math, Art, and Engineering. A quote follow up on Art and Engineering for Systems Design

“In my mind math and art go together,” says George Hart, the New York-based mathematical sculptor and computer science professor who created the work. “People often don’t realize that math is very creative—they think of fixed rules for addition and multiplication, but that’s just arithmetic. Once you get to be a professional mathematician, you can be very creative. You make new proofs and theorems, and they’re judged by how beautiful and elegant they are. Both math and art are about enjoying seeing things and understanding what you are looking at. There are deep fundamental connections there.”

“I think his work is beautiful,” she says. “The way the pieces fit together, the variation and repetition—when you see it you get a ‘wow’ feeling that’s common to both math and art.”

“The design is inspired by math, but the sculpture has to hold together and not fall apart,” he says with a laugh. “That’s where the engineering comes in.


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