About my class ”Complex Systems Modeling for Population Health”

I copy below the answer I gave to multiple students that inquired me about the class
”For the course… you do not strictly need to know how to program … even though I encourage you to learn how to do it ASAP for life … 
In the course I will teach theories and applications, and groups of students need to use a model I give based on interests gathered from students at the beginning of the course. Typically, there will be one individual more experienced than others in modeling in the group. 
As a thought… PH is rapidly transforming (thankfully!) in a physical-based science rather than just being based on statistics.  
So… in essence … my course is a very fun course of applied physics to public health… , thus, a very useful one
I look forward to have you in class because of course my class is the best class :)”
”no-one will have any problem if people follow me and make the course project ”as assigned” … note that I want to see creativity and independence about an assigned problem  … I will give a working model that anyone can run (and the smartest students can develop models further) but I want you to find the QUESTION and to solve the problem with the model I give. Bottom line I will teach how to use the brain… people that are going to excel are not necessarily people that are excellent in programming ……….. because this one is NOT a programming class BUT something much more important.”

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