Excellent Paper about ”Jargon” Use in Science…

Most of the public is turned off by scientists’ overly accessible and personalized descriptions of their work, and scientists must try harder to interject long, technical phrases into their communications intended for the general public, new research shows.

“Almost 78 percent of those surveyed indicated they would be much more excited by science if it were explained to them in highly specialized language with a ‘just-the-facts’ approach,” said Bradley Oring, co-director of the Center for Delivering Unclear Language Lucidly, Nicely, Engagingly, Smoothly, and Succinctly (DULLNESS), which conducted the study.




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One response to “Excellent Paper about ”Jargon” Use in Science…

  1. upss… April Fools (!) 😦 … but someone I found truth in this April Fool; people indeed wish to have more detailed information about scientific results. It always need to be a balance between technicality and communicability to pay people in a compelling way.

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